Lifestyle, training and diet analysis. Safe, effective, personalized program design. Nutritional guidelines and tips. Goal setting and tips for adhering to program. Proper technique and form to reduce risk of injury. Continued monitored progress and motivation.

BCRPA Fitness Theory
BCRPA Weight Training Instructors Certification
BCRPA Personal Training Certification
BOSU Integrated Balance Training Certification
Stability Ball Workshop
CSNA Sports Nutrition Advisor
Sports Nutrition Workshop
Exercise For Shoulder Rehabilitation Workshop
Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Design
Lifestyle Fitness Coach
Current First Aid & CPR C

To provide clients with the tools they need to enable them to maintain and enhance overall fitness, athletic performance, health, positive body image and quality of life. Committed to offering the highest level of service no matter what your goals may be.


- Emerald Cup - Tall Figure - 5th
- Western Canadian - Tall Figure - 2nd
- BC Provincials - Tall Figure - 3rd
- Canadian Nationals - Tall Figure 15th


- BC Provincials - Tall Figure 3rd

Personalized Programs:

Personalized online training programs designed specifically for YOU based on your individual profile - age, medical history, exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, lifestyle, schedule and so on.

Programs can be designed for all fitness levels, for working out anywhere; home, gym, or on the road, and for use with a variety of exercise equipment.

Motivation, Encouragement and Accountability:

With my personalized online training packages I will be there with you through every step of your journey. You will receive weekly encouragement, tips and e-mail consultations to keep you on track and monitor your progress.

Research has found that exercises who are accountable to a trainer or partner are more successful in reaching their fitness goals.

Outer Limits Personalized Nutrition Program:

This 16 week nutrition program monitors your progress from start to finish with weekly changes to your diet and training as needed to help avoid annoying plateaus and help you reach your specific goal weight in a timely fashion.

To find the program that will best suit your needs and for more information on packages and pricing please e-mail


Aug '87
NABBA Bodybuilding Championships UK - 3rd Place - Under 21

Apr '04
NPC Emerald Cup - 5th Place Tall Figure

May '04
PVL Western Canadians - 2nd Place Tall Figure

Jun '04
BC Provincials - 3rd Place Tall Figure

Jul '04
CBBF Canadian Fitness & Figure Nationals - 15th Place Tall Figure

Aug '05
BC Provincials - 3rd Place Tall Figure



Take the stress out of your contest preparation with this 16 week program.
Designed to help give you the edge on your competition, this package will help you bring it all together for the big day.

Along with diet, training and supplement advice to bring you to stage looking your very best, you will also learn tips and advice on everything from - what the judges are looking for, tanning and competition colour, hair styles, make-up application, suit and shoe selection, how to pose to best suit your physique, what to take to the show, what you can expect backstage, the final weeks prep and more!


Whether you are a seasoned veteran or preparing for your first competition, off-season is a critical time to make the necessary changes to your body in order to bring your physique in top notch condition in front of the judges on contest day.

This 16 week package focuses on proper training, with emphasis on weaknesses along with optimum nutrition which is the key to developing the perfect balance and symmetry needed for a figure competitor.

Kerry Marshall
National Figure Competitor/Certified Personal Trainer
Outer Limits Personal Training
Cell: 604-209-6919

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